Everything is Leopika and NagiRei

I'm Kendra a 26 year old that enjoys RPing,anime,drawing, and yaoi :) My birthday is july 30 if my followers wanna do something for me. I also enjoy video games,I'm a huge Nintengeek One day Ill get my friend codes for pokemon,mario kart,brawl up here. My nintendo network id for my Wii U is ootamukun(big surprise eh?)

Love both pokemon and digimon

a few of my ships are

Nagirei,LeopikaNezushi,original shipping,Ike/Pit,Marth/Roy, Kotetsu/Baranbyl,Haru/Yuki(tsuritama) ,all the canon ones from Sekai and Junjou,a bunch of CLAMP BL,Nova/Liberta from arcana,Daisuke/Ken.I think that settles my BL ships

for het i like Chibiusa/Helios.Usagi/Mamoru,Junpei/Izumi(JP Zoe)

I'm probably gonna go to hell for this but I like some twincest too >w< partically the Okumura twins and the Kimura-Minamoto twins >w<

I don't rp here and I don't post all of my art here so here's where you can find me on deviantart and gaia(same username as here) ootamukun.deviantart.com Gaia=ootamukun I do commissions~! (Anime art only,paypal payment preferred,for examples message me!)

Check Out my etsy shop! i make stickers,magnets and bookmarks! https://www.etsy.com/shop/ootamukun I take custom orders!

This is a multifandom blog. You'll see Pokemon,Digimon,HunterxHunter,Free!,Tsuritama,Harry Potter,Supernatural,CLAMP,Sailor Moon and a bunch of other animes/video games =]

Ask me anything

1926. If Harry Potter Was An Anime.



I’ll always reblog it when I see it because this is the COOLEST THING I EVER SAW!

That’s one intense fanart

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